The proprietors of Safari, the Midwest’s most adventurous African restaurant, have opened a spin-off in the Midtown Global Market. Safari Express offers fast food based on the innovative menu of the original Eat Street location, but with its own signature style.

The new restaurant is a buffet serving much of the eclectic menu popularized by Sade Hashi when he opened the original Safari on Nicollet and 15th Street in 2000. Safari quickly gained notice by adding a gourmet touch to East African dishes.

Safari Express is the brainchild of younger brother Jamal Hashi, who has worked alongside Sade the past several years.

“I got the idea in 2004 on a visit to Europe,” said Jamal. “I was in Stockholm, Sweden, and there was this amazing international bazaar. I thought Safari would really fit a mix like that, and when Midtown Exchange opened, I knew I had to get in there.”

It has been adventurous Safari (journey) introducing the first of its kind and the only In-expensive restaurant out of Africa inside of a mall in western hemisphere.